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The Impact “Roti Bank Ahmedabad” Hopes To Make On The Nation

The rate at which hunger destroys life in Ahmedabad is a call to concern. Daily, lives are lost to malnutrition and hunger pangs. Quite a lot of individuals cannot afford at least one meal a day. When hunger sets in, there is every tendency for crime to increase. This will […]

Eminent Persons That Supported The Upcoming World Peace Rally 2022 In Ahmedabad

Peace is a virtue that every individual, society, state, and nation wishes to have and maintain. The absence of peace is not a palatable experience in any nation. That is why the upcoming World Peace Rally in Ahmedabad has drawn the interest and attention of famous people in the community. […]

Letter Received By Eminent People.

Distributing bags, clothes and books in Ambli Public School.

Meeting With Morari Bapu Ji

World Peace Rally 2019 Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad to Ambedkar House, London.

As the United Nations has announced 2019 to 2028 as the Nelson Mandela Decade of Peace and India is celebrating Mahatma Gandhiji’s 150th Birth Anniversary, we have committed ourselves to spread the message of world peace and for this; we wish to embark on a journey to spread out the […]

World Peace Rally Golf Tournament

We at Shree Sai Women and Children Welfare Trust are proud to announce World Peace Rally Golf Tournament. This is a charity tournament to promote our “World Peace Rally 2019 “ which will be flagged off from Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad to Ambedkar House, London on 15th May 2019 . We [...]

Martin Luther King Jr. was an incredible man who fought peacefully…

Martin Luther King Jr. was an incredible man who fought peacefully for equality of all races and genders. Thanks to him, racial equality is now the law and integrated into everyday life. While there may be other people who have worked for racial and gender equality and justice in other [...]

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is the greatest apostle of peace the world has seen after Buddha and Christ. His notion of peace is centered on nonviolence, individualism, soul force and forgiveness. World peace is defined as an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or people. It generally [...]

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa's Love For All “By blood, I am Albanian,By citizenship, an Indian, By faith, I am a catholic nun, As to my calling, I belong to the world,As to my heart, I belong entirely to the heart of Jesus” -Mother Teresa Mother Teresa chose to "serve the poorest of the [...]