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Peace is a virtue that every individual, society, state, and nation wishes to have and maintain. The absence of peace is not a palatable experience in any nation. That is why the upcoming World Peace Rally in Ahmedabad has drawn the interest and attention of famous people in the community. Of course, a project like that of the World Peace Rally 2022 cannot be done without the support of viable personalities in society.

These people recognize and value the importance of maintaining a sense of community peace. They committed financial, legal, and moral support to the rally’s objective. With their full backing, the Rally will undoubtedly be a big success.

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The Trustees of Shree Sai Women and Children Welfare Trust embarked on contacting well-known individuals that can be of great resource to the project of the World Peace Rally. And they were not disappointed in any way. We will be looking at the individuals that embraced the World Peace Rally 2022 program.

Towards the rally, the Director-General of Himachal Pradesh Police, with his team, pledged their full support. With this, it is sure that security issues are well taken care of. The Police Director happily gave this promise when he was sought by the Shree Sai Women and Children Trustees.

While in a meeting with Shri Gautam Adani Ji, the Chairman of the Adani group, he also pledged his support for the program.

The Charity Commissioner of Gujarat, Shri Y.M. Shukla likewise promised his commitment to the rally. He has been invited to grace the flag-off of the World Peace Rally 2022 on the 1st of July, 2022, which he gladly accepted. This is of great privilege for the Shree Sai Women and Children Trustees.

They also met with Honourable Shri Harsh Sanghvi, who is the Home Minister for Gujarat. He also promised to aid the prospect of the World Peace Rally for 2022 from Ahmedabad to Leh, Ladakh.

The Trustees met with more well-known personalities that supported the movement. Their names are Honourable Shri C R Patil, the president of BJP Gujarat; Shri Sombhai Modi, the Elder brother of Shri PM Modi; Shri Vasant Rawal and Shri YM Shukla, who happens to be a Charity commissioner. They all showed interest in the program and vowed their allegiance.

The united encouragement of these individuals has strengthened the notion that the Trust will overcome every difficulty. On July 1, 2022, the World Peace Rally 2022 will be held on a well-solid foundation. Thank you to everyone who collaborated with the Trustees in making that day a reality.

These revered individuals have demonstrated that they are peaceful personalities. Their cooperation with the trust illustrates how much they value peace in their communities and nation. Their roles and support cannot be trivialized. For they are essential to the success of this endeavor. We hope, nations will deduce that development or any tremendous achievement can only be achieved through joint responsibility.










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