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The rate at which hunger destroys life in Ahmedabad is a call to concern. Daily, lives are lost to malnutrition and hunger pangs. Quite a lot of individuals cannot afford at least one meal a day. When hunger sets in, there is every tendency for crime to increase. This will lead to unrest and loss of peace in the community, and the nation as a whole. To put an end to this, Ahmedabad Roti bank For Ending Hunger and Poverty has decided to provide food to individuals in Ahmedabad. This is also to contribute to the efforts of past heroes of peace, of which Shree Sai Woman and Children Trust.

Roti Bank is a non-profit food rescue organization. It is formulated by Roti foundation Mumbai that covers the space between hunger and excess food. This organization started in December 2017 under the leadership of former Director-General of Police, Maharashtra, Mr. D. Sivanandhan.

Contribute Roti Bank to help feed the homeless and hungary

What is the vision of the Roti Bank?

The Roti Bank’s vision is to eradicate hunger, malnutrition, and food wastage in the community. It is an organization that is of the opinion that where excess food lies, it should be collected for those that do not have it in the community. Therefore, representatives of Roti Bank visit hotels, events, cafeterias, and the like. They collect all kinds of excess food about to be thrown away and deliver them to hungry people in the slums, footpaths, and street corners. Their main goal is to ensure that no one stays hungry as much as they can.

Therefore, Roti Bank Feeding The Hungry can be spotted in almost every part of the city. They face a particular part of the city, feed every available beneficiary, and then move to another part of the city during another outing. This is to ensure that all part of the city is duly covered. Different captions have been generated for the organization, such as: Let’s Feed the Hungry and Poor, Feed The Hungry: Roti Bank, and many more.

What are the objectives of this organization?

At Roti Bank, their objectives are as follows:

  • No one should go hungry
  • Ensure that there is no wastage of food items.
  • Feed the poor and the hungry in the community.
  • Collect food items from diverse sources and deliver them to people in need.
  • Prepare cooked foods for beneficiaries.
  • Feed the hungry in times of crisis

Roti Bank’s impact on the nation cannot be overemphasized. Through the efforts of Roti Bank, lives are saved. And during crises, Roti Bank feeding the hungry in this time of crises can be spotted in different corners of the city.

To enhance the influence of Shree Shai, during the Peace Rally, Roti Bank joins hands together with the Shree Shai Woman and Children Trust to ensure that adequate meal is made available to individuals. Feed a man, and you have just given birth to peace. This is the ideology of the Roti Bank organization.

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Roti Bank Feeding The Poor has helped to sustain lives in Ahmedabad. Malnutrition and hunger pangs in the lives of the poor are reduced to the lowest ebb due to the magnanimity of Roti Bank’s ceaseless effort. Ahmedabad Roti Bank For Ending Hunger and Poverty are genuinely committed to its goal of helping the poor and needy.

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