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The idea of peace is almost eroded from the theories in the world. There is now an increase in crime, hunger, depression, battles, and war in and among nations. Amidst all these, the Shree Sai Women and Children Welfare Trust in Ahmedabad incorporation with Roti Bank, have decided to have a World Peace Rally.

World peace incorporates the idea of liberty for all people, peace in all sections of the world, and happiness among everyone. It is the concept of having a world without violence and a total stop to all forms of disparities. This is what the Shree Sai Women and Children Welfare Trust are hoping to revive by having this rally.

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What Is The Purpose Of Shree Sai Women And Children Trust?

The Shree Sai Women and Children Trust is a non-profit organization that is run and managed by a selfless individual named Shri Brij Mohan Sood. The selfless individual in charge has rendered quality aid to the needy in the community and also extends a hand to many charitable organizations whenever they need resources. This has been the core value of the Trust for many years now. When offered varieties of options in life, man will always choose peace. This is what the Trust hopes to achieve- entrenching the notion of peace in the heart of every man. You can visit SAI Women & Children Welfare Trust online site to read more about the Trust.

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The Project Of Shree Sai Women And Children Welfare Trust

Due to the Trust’s magnanimity and the heart to see a broad smile on everyone’s face, they decided to have a World Peace Rally in Ahmedabad on the first of July this year. This prospect was applauded and received with approval from individuals and the community alike. How precious it would have been if the news was circulated and accepted in every part of the world. The present Ukraine-Russia war is a call to concern and a big threat to world peace at the moment. Massive support for the rally was generated via determined input from individual participation and the community. A few will be discussed below.

Contributions To The Rally

As the day drew nearer, a vehicle has been unveiled to facilitate the World Peace Rally. A notable name at the unveiling of the vehicle was BJP MP NARHARI AMIN and many others at the Karnavati Club in Ahmedabad. This indeed is a huge support for the rally, this year. In addition to that, 30 peace messengers nominated from the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies will travel by road from Ahmedabad to neighboring communities like Leh, Ladakh, and the Attari border in Punjab, India.

Their movement is to show their support and to facilitate the actualization of the World Peace Rally. To donate and also read more about the support garnered for the rally, you can visit the page.

Peace remains an integral part of human existence. If it is left to wash away, then, the world will cease to portray humanity; vices and distortions will so much permeate the atmosphere. The World Peace Rally is truly a bold move to shun the mouth of division in Ahmedabad and globally in the rest of the world. The Shree Sai Women and Children Trust in corporation with Roti Bank have indeed proposed an idea that meets the world’s current need as a whole.

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